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mark I-Mark Custom Pick Eye Shadow

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4.663 / 5
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673 of 703(96%)reviewers recommend this product.
Customer reviews for mark I-Mark Custom Pick Eye Shadow
Review 1 for mark I-Mark Custom Pick Eye Shadow
5 / 5
5 / 5
I truly cannot say enough good things about these!
Date:June 15, 2009
"This was the very first Mark product I was ever introduced to and after trying it, I was hooked for life! If I had to pick one type of eyeshadow to wear for the rest of my life, this would be it. The price is unbeatable for the great size, functionality, and color of these shadows. I just ordered two, and once I receive them, I will literally have every single shade.
They go on fabulously - not too much pigment so that it can be layered and blended well. I never use anything under them and they stay on all day long. I love how you can interchange them in the mega, mezzo, and mini compacts (which are also very reasonable for the price). Some sparkle and shine while others are matte or sheer.
Here are the colors I have:
Night Owl = lovely deep blue color that makes a great smoky eye if you don't want to do the expected black
Ocean Drive = slightly less dark than Night Owl, more of a royal blue in a way
Java = deep plum brown color that has some sparkle to it - also fun for a smoky eye if you want to do more of the brown tones rather than black or blue
Plum Velvet = an amaaazing color that is a nice dark maroon - fabulous for my fair skin, dark hair, and hazel eyes - one of my faves!!
Crush = very sparkly, almost beige/apricot color that is really good for highlighting the brow bone
Latte = nice medium color, a matte brown that would be good for shading the whole lid
Magic = a bronzy-brown color that's a medium shade, fairly sparkly
Whisper = a very pale sandy color that's a great matte highlighter shade
Espresso = a dark brown matte shade that's good for contouring in the crease
Minx = a hard color to describe, it's almost a greenish/grayish/brown that's a sparkly medium tone
Corset = a dark black shade that actually goes on like a dark gray - good for a sparkly dark smoky eye shade
Piccadilly = a dark purple shade that goes on fairly dark but isn't too intense - haven't used it a lot but it's nice
Retro Peacock = a deep and very sparkly green color that is very pigmented - a little goes a long way!!
Vintage Khaki = possibly my favorite - a dark khaki green shade with some sparkle that goes well with neurals - looks amazing with brown hair or hazel, green, and brown eyes
Wink Wink = a darker plum-brown matte shade - good for contouring the crease
Cake = very light pink color with some shimmer - good for highlighting or shading the whole lid
Luvstruck = medium pink matte shade - haven't used it a lot but it's nice
Glitterati = great sparkly silver metallic - awesome for a sexy night out look
Dragonfly - a light, almost lime-green shade that's fun for some highlighting
Apple = a sparkly peachy/pink shadow that is somewhat of a difficult color to describe - goes really well with my fair skin
Heavenly = a pale greenish color that goes on fairly light
Pool = a darker, more pigmented version of Heavenly - a great teal color that is good for accents or liner
South Beach = more bluish than the other two shades, darker than Heavenly, lighter than Pool with a bit of sparkle
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Review 2 for mark I-Mark Custom Pick Eye Shadow
5 / 5
5 / 5
Great Affordable Eyeshadow
Date:June 19, 2009
"One of the best things about Mark products are the great affordable prices, and that definitely holds true with these shadows! They blend well, mix well, and because of the wide variety of colors there's something for every girl!
Nomadic- Hands down my absolute favorite! Nude shimmer base with a lot of fine gold glitter. This looks basically stunning on anyone.
Tiki- Rich warm medium brown. Less sparkle more shimmer, great for a base, but also great as an eyeliner for fair skinned ladies.
Luvstruck- Really nice rich pink shimmer. Highly pigmented for a pink. Great for mixing with browns and neutrals for an exciting pop of color.
South Beach- Darker than it looks online. It's more of a grayer/greener blue than a powder blue. I bought it hoping for that light malibu barbie blue shade, but it provides beautiful color and can be toned down when Glitterati is blended with it.
Glitterati- Very sparkly gorgeous silvery blue eyeshadow. I love to pair it on the eyes with South Beach and the dark brown liquid liner, and then do some bronzer on the face with a nude lipstick and gloss, for that classic beach bunny look.
Fairy Dust- Light, sheer, pink/nude sparkle shimmer shadow. Beautiful for those "light makeup days"
Biscotti- Nude sparkle, perfect on the brow bone and along the lower lash line.
Dragonfly- Lime green with sparkle! This is a fun shade, easy to layer for some fun exciting drama and equally easy to use as a highlighter on nights out. I have fair skin so I line my lower lash line with it and then do neutral and light makeup on the rest of my feautures, but a girl with darker skin and brown eyes could probably go heavier with this.
Night Owl- One of my favorite smokey eye colors. Great as a liner too, one of the prettiest colors.
Plum Velvet- This is a shade that's universally flattering. Looks equally pretty on my blonde/blue eyed coloring as it does on my olive skinned/ hazel eyed sister. I love to have lots of bronzer on my skin when I use this, for some reason it matches the brownish purple better.
Java- One of my everyday eyeliner colors. Great!
Goia- This is my favorite "crease" brown.
*My favorite palette: Nomadic, Biscotti, Goia, Java, Tiki, and Fairy Dust.....and using the biggest palette you've still got room for your favorite Mark Blush (mine is After Glo....but depending on the look Golden Glo, Cameo Glo, or Kitten Glo will all look great...)
~Mark Rep Melanie~
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Review 3 for mark I-Mark Custom Pick Eye Shadow
5 / 5
5 / 5
Skin tone:Fair
Skin type:Dry
Great colors!
Date:March 17, 2011
"I am a bit of a makeup junky and now my ♥ belongs to mark makeup! These shadows are so great, very pigmented and lasts all day and doesn't crease! I have the mega case (holds 8) and the mezzo (holds 4) and I feel like an artist everyday doing my makeup. These blend so nicely and the colors go together great, sometimes I'll use 4 colors. Ok here are the 12 I have and a little description for each one:
night owl - very dark blue, a little shimmer but not glittery. I wetten a liner brush and dip in color and use as thick liner top and bottom.
tiki - medium/dark golden brown with shimmer. This one is too dark for me to wear as shadow but beautiful as liner and blended out.
pool - an aqua color more twords green then blue. This one doesn't have much shimmer, not a huge fan on my pale skin but I bet would be beautiful on olive or dark skin tones.
glitterati - silver with alot of shimmer, perfect for inner eye or under brow hilighting, or to lighten up a darker color.
luvstruck - don't be afraid of this color! it doesn't have much shimmer and its beautiful in the crease with apple or a lighter pink or purple all over lid.
apple - my favorite shade that seems to be discontinued. its a pink/coral color and very shimmery and amazing on blue eyes with blue liner.
lotus - this is a very shimmery lavender color which is really fun to blend with other colors. (ie. steller, dragonfly, south beach)
fairy dust - very pale pink, doesn't hardly show up on my skin, pretty useless to me.
minx - the strangest color! its brown/purple/grey but really pretty. I cant wear darker shades and this is the perfect brown for me, all the other browns are too dark. If I had to chose a perfect everyday color this would be it.
south beach - such a pretty blue/grey color with shimmer. looks great with my blue grey eyes. a very pretty look is south beach all over lid and then luvstruck or apple in the crease. i dont know why but the blue and pink together will knock your socks off.
steller - gold color on the lighter side with alot of gold shimmer, very pretty when blended with other colors (ie. dragonfly or lotus)
dragonfly - another "scary" color that you shouldnt be afraid of, its perfect! not puke green and not lime green, blends with any other color.
I hope these descriptions helped! I wish I could attach a picture of them blended on my hand.
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Review 4 for mark I-Mark Custom Pick Eye Shadow
5 / 5
5 / 5
mark purchase frequency:more than 6x a year
Skin tone:Fair
Skin type:Normal
I love these!
Date:November 5, 2009
"Last month, I was in need of new eyeshadow so I immediately came to Avon because I love most of their products and they are so affordable. I never even knew they had "customizable eye pallets." I went ahead and took a chance on buying these things because of the great reviews. I was a little afraid that the pigments would not be that great because I was buying some brighter, wilder shades and most of the reviews were for the more neutral shades. I got the Mega i-mark compact and picked the following shades to go in it: nomadic, apple, tiki, lovestruck, corset, heavenly, tart, and daybreaker (the last three are discontinued). I tried to pick one eyeshadow from every color choice so I would have more variety. When it came in the mail and I put the eyeshadow in the compact. I was really impressed by how the colors really stood out next to each other. It was like my own little art canvas. So the real test was to try them all out to see how they looked on. I wore a different color every day for 8 days and I can honestly say that this is the best eyeshadow I have ever used! I wore every color for a minimum of 10 hours and they did not crease, smudge, or fade! The colors were just as vibrant when I got home as they were when I left! I got loads of compliments due to the good pigmentation! I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for great color choices and long-wearing shades. Also, it should me noted that the eye shadows themselves are a great value for the price! They are so inexpensive considering they are about 4x the size of most eye shadows! I hope Mark/Avon never discontinues this product! I know want all of them!"
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Review 5 for mark I-Mark Custom Pick Eye Shadow
4 / 5
4 / 5
Location:La Verne, CA
Date:October 10, 2008
"I was particularly lured in by the environmental friendliness of the cases, I have to admit (being the little eco-freak that I am), but the colors I purchased were also really nice. I'd like to try more, eventually. (I decided on starting with: Corset- I do love a smoky eye when I'm not feeling lazy, Fairy Dust- very nice shimmery pink that looks good on pale skin, Victorian Lace- more of a dark cream color with shimmer, and Minx- a midrange taupe also containing shimmer.)
The pigment power is really impressive for the price. I used to use Urban Decay shadows, but being in college and on a budget, I can't use them exclusively. Honestly, if you use a little bit of a good shadow base (I do use the Urban Decay brand "primer potion" for mine) with the mark. eyeshadow, they WILL last all day and well into the night without creasing and they're very pretty. I recently took a trip to Knott's Scary Farm and wore the Corset color over my entire lid until two in the morning, and it didn't go anywhere- despite me sweating through mazes and rubbing my tired eyes.
They also lend themselves nicely to blending and it's easy to make new colors with two or three shades. Maybe this is more true with the neutrals, but I plan on trying it with some of the more colorful shades.
My only complaint is that I've noticed if I do not use the shadow base, they tend to "clump" in the creases of my eyes in four or five hours. However, this is easily fixed and shouldn't discourage you! The price is amazing, the color selection is great, and the textures are pretty.
Review 6 for mark I-Mark Custom Pick Eye Shadow
5 / 5
5 / 5
mark purchase frequency:4-6 x a year
Skin tone:Fair
Skin type:Combination
Great eyeshadow!
Date:October 1, 2008
"I absolutely love this eyeshadow and the cute little case you can snap them into! Makes keeping your makeup organized easier - and when you're a makeup junkie like me, organization is key.
So far, I have 8 of the shadows and 1 blush in the following colors: Corset, Dragonfly, Fairy Dust, Biscotti, Apple, Minx, Glitterati, and Tart. Blush in Kitten Glo.
I am very happy with all of the eyeshadows, however, Dragonfly appears lighter on the website. In person, it's a little more of a limey type green and it goes on fairly bright. I have very pale skin so it looks a little odd. My favorite colors are Tart, Fairy Dust, and Glitterati. Most of them go on pretty sheer and blend really well. They are a little bit powdery which can be a little messy if you don't keep it in check.
The Kitten Glo blush is great! A very sheer, natural color for my porcelain skin. It would look great layered on top of a darker or brighter color as well.
My only issue (besides the color thing above!) is that the pans of powder can be a little bit difficult to remove from the magnetic case. You'll need something thin and sturdy (I use a butter knife) to slide in between the pans to lever one out. It's not very difficult at all but I'm afraid I might slip and skewer one of my shadows or something.
Now...if only Avon/mark. would make little lipsticks/glosses to snap into these cases and we'd be set! Better yet, Avon/mark. should make a whole line of makeup to work with these cases. Powder, foundation, concealer, lipstick/gloss. That would be so awesome!
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Review 7 for mark I-Mark Custom Pick Eye Shadow
5 / 5
5 / 5
Location:New Jersey
Love Them!
Date:March 5, 2010
"These eyeshadows are great for the variety of colors and the price (as compared to department store brands).
The only problem I had with them is that they don't always stay on my eyelids very long, so they have to be reapplied often. I tried using a primer to rectify this, but that just caused creases in my eyeshadow.
In the end, what I found that worked best for me with these eyeshadows was to wet my eyelid with a brush that had been dipped in water first and then apply the eyeshadow. The colors go on more vibrant and have a lot more staying power.
I have fair skin, brown hair, and brown eyes with a little bit of green and gold in them.
Colors that I own and love:
- Nomadic (shimmery golden ivory color)
- Magic (gold)
- Pool (light blue, but bright)
- Retro Peacock (dark teal)
- Night Owl (dark blue)
- Plum Velvet (purple)
- Corset (charcoal grey)
- Java (dark brown)
Colors that I like to use as eyeliner as well as eyeshadow:
- Retro Peacock
- Night Owl
- Java
- Corset
- Vintage Khaki
My least favorite color is Fairy Dust. I thought this color looked pinkish in the picture, but it's not. It's just a beige/tan/khaki type of color - very light brown. It just blended into my fair skin and did not make my eyes pop at all."
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Review 8 for mark I-Mark Custom Pick Eye Shadow
5 / 5
5 / 5
mark purchase frequency:more than 6x a year
Skin tone:Fair
Skin type:Combination
New Colors!
Date:December 19, 2008
"I wrote a review on this previously saying how much I love this product. Now that I've bought the newest colors (Picadilly and Ocean Drive) I have to say just how awesome these colors are.
I think Ocean Drive is the perfect shade of dark blue for just about anyone. It's very neutral with only a slight shimmer. I usually go for the more sparkly colors and this still had enough sparkle to it that I was satisfied. However, if you like the matte shades this will still work for you as well! And, like the other I-Mark shadows, it is very blendable and has buildable coverage. For a day look or for girls with lighter skin, you only need a light swipe with the eyeshadow brush and you have beautiful, sheer coverage that looks great! For night time or for girls with darker skin, use a sponge tip applicator, a thicker brush, or a finger tip and you get darker, deeper, sexier color. You can even wet an eyeliner brush and dip it in the shadow and you get a great new liner that looks great!
Picadilly is awesome too - I love to wear it with Tart or Glitterati. I also love it smudged over a purple liner - a great update to the smokey eye! And it's very fashion forward since fashion is all about purple this season."
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Review 9 for mark I-Mark Custom Pick Eye Shadow
5 / 5
5 / 5
Location:Johnstown, OH
Skin tone:Medium
Skin type:Combination
I want MORE!
Date:September 5, 2009
"I just recently purchased in Glitterati (which is a great highlighter, it's a shimmery silver color that almost looks a little whitish) and Vintage Khaki. I noticed some people said the colors didn't show up well and didn't last long...well, I didn't have that problem. Of course, I do not use the eyeshadow applicator that comes with the snap to it cases. I used the Avon all over eyeshadow brush and rounded eyeshadow brush. I also have problems with shadows not lasting throughout the day, but this one did! I applied the eyeshadow yesterday around noon and was surprised when I rubbed my eyes around 11 PM and got shadow all over my hands! I think if you use a professional brush, it will have the lasting power you're looking for, this might also help with the lightness/darkness factor. I have light to medium skin and the vintage khaki was VERY vibrant and noticeable on my eyes.
Also I wanted to add that you'll need to purchase the snap to it case to hold these in because they don't come with a case. For some reason they don't state that on here. Anyway, I have NO complaints about these and can't wait to try other shades!
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Review 10 for mark I-Mark Custom Pick Eye Shadow
5 / 5
5 / 5
Location:Georgetown, KY
Most helpful review ever!
Date:October 29, 2009
"First off, I want to say I absolutely LOVE these eyeshadows. They are long lasting, blendable, go on smoothly, and there a lot of colors to choose from.
The only problem is that the colors pictured on the website are a little off. I'm going to describe the colors that I have, in order to make deciding which ones to buy, easier for others.
Wink Wink - very neutral, matte, slightly brownish color, on the darkish side.
Tiki - Great medium brown color, with slight shimmer.
Apple - Very pink, slight shimmer
Fairy Dust - Neutral, nude color with shimmer (I wear this one almost everyday)
Nomadic - Very light (more so than in the picture) nude color with shimmer.
Gioia - Very similar to Tiki, but a bit darker.
Latte - Great light brown/nude matte color. Similar to fairy dust, but without the shimmer.
Espresso - Dark brown, matte color. Great for contouring, and for use as an eyeliner.
I love how you can customize your own pallets with these shadows. And they're so inexpensive, that you can afford to try as many as you like. They are also very generously sized - great value!"
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Review 11 for mark I-Mark Custom Pick Eye Shadow
5 / 5
5 / 5
mark purchase frequency:more than 6x a year
Skin tone:Fair
Skin type:Combination
Got to get them all!
Date:October 16, 2009
"I am probably 3 or 4 shades away from owning all the eye shadow colors, I will have to say that once you start getting a few you really do get addicted! Per advise of some other reviews i use an eyeshadow primer (currently using loreal's 'de-crease') It makes a HUGE difference. I never used primer before, but regardless if its a mark shadow or another brand, I will be using primer from now on. I know everyone says how much they love tiki and nomadic, nice colors, but I have been wearing plain old brown eyeshadow since I was twelve yrs old, and right now I'm all about having some fun with my makeup! I really dont think reviews have mentioned how great all the funky colors really are (luvstruck, apple, piccadilly, dragonfly, pool, ocean drive, rebel etc)!
My best advise is buy a bunch and dont be afraid of getting creative! My 2 fav combos (this month lol) are: south beach/ocean drive/crush and dragonfly/vintage khaki/glitterati. I can't wait for them to come out with even more shades!"
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Review 12 for mark I-Mark Custom Pick Eye Shadow
5 / 5
5 / 5
Location:Las Vegas, NV
Date:March 20, 2010
"I have been a major eyeshadow collector and user for couple of years now and none of the eyeshadows I used can beat i-mark (so far). The staying power for these little guys is incredible. I woke up early for school and apply i-mark on, then hours later, I have to go to my part-time job, and lastly, around 10 o' clock at night, I get home. Due to the fact that I can be lazy washing my face when I get home, I do some of my homework before cleaning up. And guess what? The color and shimmer/glitter still remained intact on my eyelids! It looks like I just applied the eyeshadows not too long ago but in fact, I probably had on the shadow for more than 12 hours. I have used other top-designer brand eyeshadows which guarantees 8 hour holding power but it never worked on me; the color disappeared after 3-4 hours.
i-mark is affordable and comes in many colors! I have about 8 colors right now and they are so easy to mix/blend around. I can't wait to get more and create some new looks!"
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Review 13 for mark I-Mark Custom Pick Eye Shadow
5 / 5
5 / 5
mark purchase frequency:more than 6x a year
Skin tone:Fair
Skin type:Oily
Amazing product!
Date:May 19, 2009
"I started out with Glitteratti and Corset,Tiki and Nomadic based on other reviews and WOW! Honestly I was a bit skeptical about the pigment quality but these shadows are great! They last all day and don't crease (I apply foundation to my lids as a primer). I recently purchased Pool,biscotti,night owl and victorian lace.
Biscotti-awesome very neutral base color/highlighter
Glitteratti-very shimmery silver/grey-very sexy smoky eyes:)
Corset-dark grey when dry-black when wet
Pool-sparkling beautiful teal blue color
Victorian lace-soft khaki color-grayish cream color
Night owl-very pretty dark blue
oh and Tiki and Nomadic have become my favorite everyday colors-very shimmery/pretty with golden hues:)
You will be hooked on these shadows and the free magnetic cases are such a great deal-the first order did not come with brushes for the shadows but my last order did....
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Review 14 for mark I-Mark Custom Pick Eye Shadow
5 / 5
5 / 5
Skin tone:Fair
Skin type:Combination
Great shadows
Date:November 30, 2009
"After reading the reviews for these, I decided to buy a few, even though my college student budget isn't really up for it. Superb purchase! I got the eyeshadow brush as well, after reading that the one included in the case (which you do have to buy if you want any real functionality or portability) isn't super. I use the separate brush to do all over shadow and highlighting, and the little one to do darker shading. The colors I got are:
Minx--really peculiar color, notes of brown and purple and silver. Darker than I was expecting, but very pretty--I use it most days.
Retro Peacock--a nice dark turquoise; really deeply pigmented
Night Owl--dark blue, nice for shading; not nearly as pigmented as Retro Peacock, but can build up to a nice deep shade
Nomadic--a pretty gold
Biscotti--lighter and sheerer than I was expecting, but a good base coat for a light look
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Review 15 for mark I-Mark Custom Pick Eye Shadow
5 / 5
5 / 5
Color me happy!
Date:April 16, 2010
"These shadows r spectacular! I purchased several colors: Apple,Dragonfly,Lovestruck,Magic & Pool.I love them all! I was a little skeptical when I first saw them.They seemed really light,like they wouldnt have enough pigment.Nonetheless, I put my primer on and gave them a shot. Turns out they have great pigment.I like that they are buildable.You dont have to worry about the colors being too subtle or too dramatic. Just apply more if u want more color.I love the color options too.I have hazel eyes but these colors are sure to brighten any eye color. Apple-Is a pretty rust color,Dragonfly-is a bright,true green(no blue undertones)Lovestruck-is a bright,hot pink,Pool-is a bright teel & Magic-is a shimmery neutral gold.Needless to say I will definitely be buying more of these.Matter of fact Im waiting for my next order as I type."
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Review 16 for mark I-Mark Custom Pick Eye Shadow
5 / 5
5 / 5
mark purchase frequency:4-6 x a year
Skin tone:Fair
Skin type:Combination
Fairy Dust!
Date:April 15, 2010
"After reading the reviews, I purchased 4 shades: fairy dust, nomadic, tiki, and apple. Fairy dust is by far my favorite go-to color for daily wear- highlights my blue-gray eyes perfectly and is not too overpowering to wear if you work in the medical field or similar profession. I always wet it before applying to intensify the color and keep it from wearing off and it STAYS all day!
Nomadic is more of a high-shimmer highlighter color that I dust near my browbones and in the inner corner of my eyes.
Apple is a rosy color with some shimmer- I wear it on the weekends usually.
Tiki is a shimmery bronze color that is too dark to wet and wear on my entire lid. It does make a good eyeliner, however.
I think the sizes are generous (approx 1sq inch) and a little goes a long way. I'm just deciding which other colors to buy!"
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Review 17 for mark I-Mark Custom Pick Eye Shadow
4 / 5
4 / 5
Location:New York, NY
Great Value
Date:July 12, 2009
"I have several shades and find that the quality is pretty consistent for these. The color payoff is good, and I haven't had any problems with fallout. I do notice however that the texture varies between shades/textures drastically. The lighter the shade, the chalkier it seems to me. Same applies for the matte vs. pearlized shades - the texture of the pearly/shimmery shades is great, almost creamy, but the matte shades are quite dry and chalky.
That said, I avoid the matte colors, but I do like a lot of the pearly shadows in both light and dark shades. My current favorite combination is Cake and Corset. Other colors I love are Retro Peacock (applies great as a liner and is one of the most interesting dark shadows I own - it's a fantastic blackened teal shade with gold shimmer), Apple, Java, Tiki, and Minx."
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Review 18 for mark I-Mark Custom Pick Eye Shadow
5 / 5
5 / 5
mark purchase frequency:more than 6x a year
Skin tone:Fair
Skin type:Combination
Date:April 16, 2009
"I had picked up Glitterati with one of my other orders. I LOVE this stuff, its GORGEOUS!! Wet or dry it looks amazing and your eyes will POP reguardless of the color!! My eyes are baby blue and it looked awesome!! My one friends eyes are brown and it looked great on here too!! With my last order I picked up Biscotti && Tiki ...can't wait to get them!! I'll NEVER order any other eyeshadow again!!
You can even use a liquid shadow base ( I used BEYOND COLOR Radiant Lifting Eyeshadow in Platinum)...then put the Glitterati on top...looked crazy sexy!! Great for goin' out :0)
Seriously though at this price, you'd be nuts not to atleast pick ONE color up and give it a try. They're pretty big, and last a lonnng time!! The quality is wayyyyyy higher then what they're charging for! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! <3
Review 19 for mark I-Mark Custom Pick Eye Shadow
5 / 5
5 / 5
mark purchase frequency:more than 6x a year
Skin tone:Medium
Skin type:Combination
What a Bargain!!!
Date:May 3, 2008
"I absolutely love these shadows! They have a shimmery look in the pan, but it doesn't leave glitter all over your face. These are the ones that i own:
Biscotti -- perfect color to highlight your eyes with
Minx -- it's like a fawn brown that can also be used to highlight
Tiki -- it's looks a lot lighter in the picture and i use it as my base
Tough Luxe -- looks at lot darker in the picture is more gold than brown
Java -- definitely a good contour color that goes on as a dark purplish brown
Vintage Khaki -- gorgeous green to contour!
Plum Velvet -- great purple for brown eyes!
Fairy Dust -- another good light pastel pink base color
Nomadic -- perfect gold to highlight on the inner corner of your eyes
I highly recommend these eyeshadows!!! I'd have them all if i wasn't broke :D"
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Review 20 for mark I-Mark Custom Pick Eye Shadow
5 / 5
5 / 5
Location:Bay Area, CA
Wonderful formula
Date:February 4, 2010
"I just received three of these shadows, and I must say, I was impressed. I immediately did swatches of each shade on my forearm--with and without a primer/base--and to my amazement, these eyeshadows are very well pigmented without a base. They go on smoothly, and evenly, although the lightest didn't show up as well as the darker ones (just looked like a light shimmer) without a base, it would still make a great highlighter, and a base can be used to really make the color pop. Some people reviewed that the swatches online are off from the real color, I didn't have that problem, they are all true to the colors presented on here. Perhaps they are for colors I didn't order, or the color on their monitors are off. Either way, I plan on ordering at least one of every color!"